Web Store Add Your First Item

In this screen you will upload a great photo of the first good or service you want to start with. Hopefully you have arranged a few on this device. If not grab some photos and come back to this page. As long as you keep the browser open, your work until now will be saved.

  1. Upload a picture
  2. Enter the store price – we suggest discounting your Econic Network digital sales to encourage your customers to buy digitally. Since we don’t charge you anything for the platform or for transaction, it lowers your cost of sale, which you can pass on to your customer. In the app, you can encourage loyalty with automated discounts, which our tech does for you.
  3. Enter a product description
  4. Add the amount you have available for sale
  5. Select the right tax code. This will have implications for your sales tax.
  6. Then click the Add Product Button.

This will take you to the landing page customization. After you’ve customized your landing page, you will be able to review your page and store – and add more products to the web store.

In the Econic Network app you are able to add up to 10 customizations for each product or service listed. Another great reason to add the mobile app to your business.