The Online Register

In this article you will learn about the online Econic Network POS system:

  1. Accessing the Register
  2. Adding Products
  3. Checkout and Payment Process
  4. Mobile Pay
  5. Cash-Payment

1. Accessing the Register

Tap on Register in the Dashboard menu to access our built in POS system.

This article was written showing how a restaurant would use the POS, but you can sell any good or service through the register. We created an internal POS to provide maximum flexibility for your business. A plumber out on a call can create a single product for the full range of services offered, for instance. Or you can be sitting in a meeting and close a deal with a customer and in a couple of minutes, you can create a new product and make the sale.

The register gives you the flexibility to generate an offer for any possible transaction in the spur of the moment. Your customers can Pay Cash or use Credit Cards to buy any product or service you have already listed in your store, or you can quickly add a new item and sell it on the spot.

2. Adding a Product to the Register

Tap on + Add Product to launch the Add Product Window.

Enter the name of the item and a short description.

Specify whether you are selling a Good or a Service, enter the Price and the amount being purchased.

Select Add to Cart & Catalog.

This will add the item to your Register screen and prepare the item for Checkout.

Select Add to Cart. To proceed with the sale tap on the cart icon and checkout. To add subscription payment options you will need to edit the product in your mobile app. Making this the first step in the offer creation process.

3. Checkout and Payment

Prior to completing the sale you are asked to select Credit Card or Cash.

Select Stripe for credit card and mobile pay.

Fill in the customer details and tap on Proceed to Payment.

Here you can select how the customer will pay.

4. Mobile Pay

We suggest Customers Device.

Customers Device allows your customer to pay by mobile, by scanning a QR code.

This pushes the payment into the customers device where they pay by credit card or their existing wallet.

5. Cash Payment

You can choose Cash and proceed to the Payment Screen.

In this screen you can add customer details and enter the transaction into your books.

Choosing Cnother payment flow.

Select Continue to enter the Cart

4. Entering Credit Card Information

Select Pay to open the Payment Info window and enter the Name and Credit Card details of your customers.