Inviting your customers to the Econic app

This article explains some of the ways you can invite your customers to join Econic:

  1. Explaining Econic Network to your customers
  2. The Econic Loyalty Advantage
  3. Sell the local advantage
  4. Sell the features that are new to your business

1. Explaining this new app to your Customers

Above all else, Econic is a very simple and convenient way for your customers to buy from you. The AI pricing engine rewards loyal customers to by giving them discounts if you activate the feature. This can provide your customers better deals when they keep buying from you. If you sell service contracts and don’t want your pricing changed, do not use the dynamic pricing feature for those contracts.

2. Let’s talk about Loyalty

Pitch this as your Loyalty Rewards Program

  • The more your customers buy through the app the more they save
  • You can create app only, loyalty specials to incentivize your customers
  • You can buy, sign terms and schedule the work all in the app

With this pitch, you appeal to your best customers and let them know this is your new loyalty program and the best way for them to buy from you. When they buy through the app, their loyalty is automatically applied to the relevant purchases. If you choose you can create app only offers and discounts to make your business more attractive and gain greater wallet from your customers.

3. Sell the local advantage and impact

Econic is great way to encourage local buyers to engage with your business. You become part of a network of buyers and sellers who also want to keep spend local where it does the most good for you and the community. Your buyers are supporting the local economy you are part of when they buy from a Econic powered merchant.

4. Sell it the way you use it

You can use Econic to package your existing services with software and create annuity-based managed services. Your customers get better, more reliable service and you can count on new streams of recurring revenue.

  • Do you have services you can offer through monthly susbscriptions?
  • Are there processes you can automate with software?
  • Are you selling services that can be managed remotely with automations?

To create and sell digital managed services, you need to create the offer in the app and your customer will need to purchase it from you through the platform. You get more business and you make it easier for your customers to work with you.