Optimizing your surge pricing

In this article you will learn how to adjust prices for slow and busy times through the Specialty Pricing feature:

  1. Choosing to Set Specialty Pricing
  2. Activating Specialty Pricing
  3. Arranging Busy Times
  4. Selecting the Price Increase
  5. Slow Times

There are two ways we help you optimize your pricing:

  1. The Pricing Engine automatically adjusts pricing based on loyalty and demand
  2. You can arrange your schedule and pricing around busy and slow hours through our Specialty Pricing feature, which is commonly known as Surge Pricing.

1. Choosing to set Specialty Pricing

Within the Dynamic Pricing feature, you can set up surge pricing.

Check the box below the listed prices to activate the feature.

If you have not already, you will need to set this up through the Dynamic Pricing option in the hamburger menu.

2. Activating Specialty Pricing

If this is your first time adding a product and selecting Specialty Pricing, you may need to activate it if you did not do that when setting up your business. Tap on the button to turn on the feature.

3. Arranging Busy Times

This will open the Arrange screen to complete the setup of this service.

In this screen you have the option to select a range of hours when you are busy and slow.

Tap on Start Time and End Time to select the range of hours that are Busy.

4. Selecting the Price Increase

After you’ve selected the hours, tap on price increase to the correct percentage. We offer you to raise your price up to 15%.

5. Arranging Slow Times

Repeat the above process to add your Slow Times.

When you are finished, tap Apply to complete the setup of this service and add the option to your offers.