Giving Employees Access to the Dashboard

This article will show you how to provide employee access to notifications in the dashboard:

  1. Accessing the Employee Pin Tool
  2. Setting the Pin Number
  3. How Employees Access the Dashboard

1. Accessing the Employee Pin tool

You can provide employees access to notifications on the online dashboard so they can follow, process and fulfill your Econic orders. Your employees only have rights to view and manage notifications through this procedure.

Tap on Employee Pin in the Dashboard Menu.

This will open a page that allows you to set a pin code for employee access.

You will need to enter your owners 4 digit main pin code.

2. Setting the Employee Pin

Once you’ve entered your 4 Digit Pin code , you will be able to set the employee pin code. If this is your first time setting the code, you will enter the code into the Set Employee PIN and tap on the green Set PIN button.

You can update this code at any time by tapping on the Employee Pin menu item.

3. Employee Dashboard Access

To access the Employee Dashboard, your employees can scan the QR code which is found in the Employee Pin Page and login with their pincode.

Your employees are limited to managing orders and notifications, they will not have access to any company data.