Editing Products

This article explains how to edit, remove and make inactive products active:

  1. Accessing the Products
  2. Editing a Product
  3. Inactive Products

1. Accessing Products to Add or Edit

To Add or Edit your offers, tap on the My Business Menu and select Offers.

Tap on Add to add a new offer.

2. Editing an Offer

To Edit a Product, tap on it to launch the Edit Product Window.

Tap on the Trash Icon to remove a product from view by Deactivating it. This way you can easily place it back on display it a future date.

When you tap on the Edit Icon to update the offer, it will automatically open the Offer screen where you make an edits.

3. Inactive Products

Offers become greyed out, or inactive, when there is no inventory left or you have Deactivated it, as explained above.

No Inventory or Inactive

You are required to enter the quantity of service providers or inventory available. Let’s say you added 5.

When you’ve sold all 5, or your providers are all booked, the offer in your store will automatically become inactive/grey.

To make it active again, you just need to tap on the grey product, select edit and update the Quantity. It will be preset to the last amount you saved. You can change the quantity.

Once you update the quantity and tap on the Add to Store button, the product will be automatically Active again.