Econic Network Works with Your Existing Business

Econic Network powers Digital Service Channels that offer an extension or addition to your existing business or tech solutions. You don’t need to change anything to benefit from Econic Network.

Econic Network works with any POS or tech you are currently using. We suggest setting up Econic Network QR code displays next to an existing point of sale to convert some of your customers. Compare the in-app sales results to those in your POS.

Our customers report higher order values, typically up to 15% more, while there are no banking, transaction or merchant fees associated with sales in the Econic Network app.

You can convert a few or all your customers to the Econic Network app depending on the results and feedback you get.

If you are cash-based business, Econic Network can be your stand-alone POS. We typically increase your revenue in app over cash receipts. We suggest you compare your revenue results in a test between your cash customers and those you convert to the app.

The bottom line is this – you don’t need to rip and replace anything to put Econic Network to work for your existing business.