Displaying Your QR Codes

This article will explain how to customize and print your QR code signs:

  1. Your own QR code signs
  2. Accessing your QR code signs
  3. Customizing the signs
  4. The QR code display options
  5. Printing the displays
  6. Your QR Code

1. Your Custom QR code signs

Your Econic Network business comes with the ability to print customized QR code signs and handouts. We’ve created a QR code template that places your business name and logo that can be used for to display anywhere, for handouts to customers and clients or any other way you can use it. We urge you to become familiar with this and use it to promote your business for free.

2. Accessing the QR code sign

Tap on QR Codes in the online Dashboard Menu.

3. Customizing your QR code sign

You can customize the color of your QR code sign and upload your logo.

As you select a color, you will see the color change in the previews below.

You can save your QR sign as a PDF and edit the text to say whatever you want.

You can also save the image, edit in Canva or another image editor and make your own creation with the QR code as the anchor.

Choose a logo file from your computer or tablet photo gallery and it will display in the upper right side of the sign.

4. The QR code print options

You will see the two options for printing your customized QR code sign that will identify your business.

Handout A4– fits into any 8.5″ x 11″ tabletop display holder, which are available in most office supply stores.

Flyer -is a smaller size that can be printed on heavier paper stock and handed out to your customers in their bags, stapled to the bags or given by hand..

5. Printing the QR code signs

You can print these materials from your personal printer or download the files and send them to the professional printer of your choice.

Click or tap on the Print Flyer button and select your printer.

Save as PDF to download the file and print it professionally, or at your convenience.

6. Your QR code

Display it proudly in your store, window, website, social media, business card and even on your vehicle. It’s all about making it easy for your customers and clients to do business with you.