Creating contracts-Metrics-step 3

  1. Visualizing Contract Performance Metrics
  2. Selecting the Performance Metrics

The Econic system helps you track and manage the difference between your goal and your targets.

By incorporating performance metrics into your contracts, you unlock a powerful tool that can provide valuable insights and automate actions aligned with your business goals. With Econic’s cutting-edge software framework, you have the flexibility to define and measure the key metrics that truly matter to your business’s success. Whether it’s tracking job performance, financial perforamnce, or operational efficiency, Econic enables you to drive informed decision-making and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Visualizing Your Contract Performance Metrics

The contract performance metrics are displayed as trendline charts. These are powerful visual aids that provide a user-friendly tracking mechanism for your performance metrics. These charts provide a clear snapshot of progress towards your goals, making it easier to keep your work or project on track. Whether you’re meeting or exceeding your targets, or falling behind, the trendline provides valuable insights. Accessible in real-time through your web-based dashboard or by opening any of your active or completed contracts in the app, the Econic trendline charts ensure you’re always equipped with the information you need to make informed decisions that drive your success.

Selecting the Performance Metrics to Track

The performance metrics you input allow the software to present standardized views of your contract’s requirements and the progress in real time. You may want to track a project over a year (X-Axis), that should cost $500,000 (Axis Y/Z). The trendline tracks the progress against the goal you have set.

Step 1 – enter an amount for the Y Axis. This relates directly to Step 3, which may be cost for instance.

Step 2– select a time frame from the drop-down menu for the X Axis.

Step 3– select a unit to track from the drop-down menu for the Z Axis.

Step 4 – enter a name for the chart that puts these performance metrics into the right context.

Tap Continue to review, edit and sign the contract.