Creating contracts – Invitation step 2

When you invite providers or clients to this contract, they will receive notifications both in their Econic home screen and via email, prompting them to access the contract. By following the provided link, they can view the contract and proceed with any necessary actions. If your contact is not already an Econic user, they will be prompted to sign up in order to access the contract. For a visual representation of the notification, you can refer to this: Example Notification.

Adding your contacts

To add a contact and create an invitation, enter a name, email and phone number.

Select the role of your contact and tap and on Add button.

You can create as many invitations as you need.

Viewing your invitations

Each time you add a contact, your invites as listed below. Add as many as you need.

You can delete invites by tapping on the blue X.

Tap on Continue to create the performance metrics that will guide the contract.