Buying from merchants on the map

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Here’s how to buy from local merchants

Tap on the Pin Icon to access the Map.

Tap on any pin to reveal the name of the business. You can Zoom in and Zoom out, as well as move the area of the map to explore.

Tap on it again to explore the available deals they showcase in their storefront.

Tap on a deal to explore it in further detail and buy it

Tap on Buy Now to add it to the cart and browse the other products available at this merchant

When you are ready to make your purchase, tap on the Shopping Cart icon and proceed to the cart and your purchase.

Econic Network is about buying local, where both consumers and merchants support their local small businesses.
That’s why we put pins on the map.

We hope you enjoy your experience buying with Econic Network powered merchants.

How we use your data

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In order for Econic Network to create personalized buying and selling experiences, we need to connect sales and purchases to locations and people. This is why we ask your permission for a number of the functions on your mobile device. Econic Network’s AI loyalty, pricing and sales functions will not work without access to these features.

For business owners especially, you can use your device camera to take and upload pictures of the goods and services you are selling in your Econic shop.

How your deals work

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Econic Network identifies the best goods and services you can buy from your Econic Network merchants. They reward you with great deals that can save you money, rewards your loyalty and make it easier for you to buy the things you want.

The Four Deal Types

Daily Deals – also called Blue Deals – represent what’s on sale. These deals promote products or services that are available now. They can be Daily Deals, Spot Sales, Clearances, anything that will get you interested to check out the deal.

Local Deals – also called Green Deals – these are deals from the businesses closest to you. These deals should be of interest to you based on your purchase history.

Schedule Deals – also called Red Deals – this is all about you buying at your convenience. In this deal type you will find services to schedule, whether it’s an appointment for pick-up, take out or delivery, or events. You will also book services like plumbing, nails and haircuts from any local business.

Buy Again – these are convenient 1-Click Rebuys. Econic AI creates these deals based solely on your favorite products and services.

Your Econic Network powered merchants may change the names of the deals to reflect their business or specials.

How Local Loyalty works

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It’s an old adage to say, “your money is worth more here.” This is what merchants used to tell their customers back when loyalty mattered.

As a trusted Econic Network member, every purchase in the app is discounted from the store price.

5% first purchase in a month

10% off on the second purchase in a month

15% off on the third purchase in a month and thereafter.

The clock resets every month.

You are given priority and exclusive services that are only offered from the Econic Network app. 

How we handle your personal information

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Our signup process follows strict security guidelines to protect your data and privacy. While specifically entering business details into the app, our rigorous data security policy requires you to complete the full business stage setup without leaving the app or switching between apps to copy and paste information.

We recommend you start and finish in one pass – it only takes around 5-10 minutes.

Econic Network is fully compliant with the GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA. We are a fully certified Microsoft solution that uses all the security features offered in the Azure cloud. We employ the highest standards of data protection and privacy and allow you to delete your data and account at any time.

How the Map Screen works

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The map represents the center of where you live, work and serve customers. This location-based view represents the ecosystem you belong to. The Map, very simply, presents all the services that are available within the ecosystem. When you are on the map, it means your services are readily available to everyone else on the map.

How to Search the Map

When you tap into the Search bar in the map screen, you can select a Business Identity Attribute, such as Women-Owned Business and see only businesses that self-identify as women owned.

You can also search by address or name of the business

If you tap on a business in the list view, you will connect directly to the provider’s store.

How to see the Business name from a pin on the map

Tap on a pin once to reveal the name of the business.

Tap on the name to access the digital store.

Understanding the Icons in the pins

Econic Network’s Community Guidelines

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We’re glad you’re here. Please behave responsibly.

Econic Network is built upon a trusted network of verified local buyers and sellers that transact with each other digitally, and in the neighborhood, just like always. We are people that know and trust each other, say hello and care about each other. When we know and care about each other, we don’t commit fraud and post hurtful messages.

These Community Guidelines describe behaviors that are required or not allowed in Econic Network’s trusted environment. Violating any of these guidelines may result in loss of access to your Econic Network membership or the deletion of a buyer or seller account.

Econic Network’s 5 Simple Rules of Conduct

  1. Use your true identity Econic Network is based on real, verified identities. Fake buyers and sellers will be removed.
  2. Use valid payment methods Buyers are trusted based on executing successful transactions with payment methods that are current and in good standing.
  3. Buyers must receive Goods and Services purchased as listed Sellers guarantee the accuracy of the goods and services they have listed in their Econic Network store. Any item listed must be sold and received by the buyer as listed.
  4. Post Real Ratings and Support Concerns Buyers can only rate sellers after they have successfully purchased from a seller. You will honestly rate that experience. Buyers or Sellers who attempt to hack the ratings system or otherwise manipulate the ratings or the support system, will be immediately expelled.
  5. Do not engage in harmful activity Any activity that could hurt someone, whether physical harm, a scam or emotional distress, will not be tolerated.

Our members play an important role in keeping this a trusted community for buyers and sellers. Violating any of these guidelines can be reported in the Support-Feedback section of the app under Contact Support.

Econic Network Membership for solopreneurs, gig and freelancer workers

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Most people who decide to launch a side hustle or a small business based on their expertise, want to create a sustainable business, while following their passion and controlling their future. At the same time, the smart money wants to limit the risk of failure.

Econic Network is a smart, data driven platform for the creation and management of a business, with no cost of ownership of the technology. The tech is free, so is the ongoing IT expense and maintenance. We let you be you and provide the launchpad for your future business. Use our Econic Network members to test your business idea or launch your new career without the risks usually associated with starting a business.

If you’ve recently left your job or want to improve your gig business, we’ve got your back!

Signing up customers to your Econic Network app

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There are several ways to invite customers to your Econic Network powered business:

  1. When customers enter your place of business, they can scan a physical QR code that you have positioned to make it visible and easy to access.

Customers can also scan a QR code the side of your truck, your business card, website, t-shirt and however you chose to display your QR code.

Your customers can scan a digital QR code from your mobile device that is attached to your account. You can find that QR code by tapping on the My Business menu

Then tap on QR codes to display the QR codes your customer or any referral can scan.

How to use QR codes

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We provide business owners unique QR codes that allow you to invite customers to your mobile business. The QR codes can be printed as stickers for your doors, posters on the wall and point of purchase displays near your cash register. We also provide you QR codes within the app, so you can invite customers to your mobile business just by pointing your phone in their direction

Econic Network and your existing POS system

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All Econic Network sales take place outside of your existing business and the POS you may use. Depending on your business, you should find that you earn more revenue and can be more profitable with the Econic Network platform.

We offer any business to make a side by side comparison and see which platform actually helps you make more money – and put more money in your pocket at the end of the month. We believe Econic Network will win.

You own the data your business creates

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We are committed to 100% transparency and data accessibility. All of your sales and financial data is available in your account. You can view it at any time in your secure web-based Econic Network dashboard. In order to fully protect the privacy of buyers, their data remains private.

Order and booking notifications

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You will receive receipts for all product sales and service bookings through the Econic Network app. If anything is required of you to fulfill an order it will be included in your notification, that you can find in the online dashboard.

You can manage your Notifications and workflows in your secure online dashboard

Can I cancel my account at any time?

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Yes, you can. Any fees due to Econic Network for goods or services sold will be collected and the remaining balance will be forwarded to your bank account.

To cancel your account, tap on the My Account icon or menu.

Tap on the Personal Data button, which give you access to Delete Account. Tap on that and follow the instructions for deleting your account.